Activate your AliTv service, click here | AliboxTV

First of all, make sure that you already paid your first month of AliTv service.

Then , send us the 4 or 5 digits number , written on the sticker under your Alibox, or on the carton box

The email must be sent to :

** Make sure that you include your order ID , and that the email is sent from the same email address that you entered on order. Otherwise, please include it in your email

The activation of your AliTv service takes a few hours. It can take up to 36 hours. We invite you to be patient while we do it. You will receive a confirmation from us when it is done 🙂 .

Once your service is activated, please open STBEmu.
NEVER accept the update, but always decline, or hide the update.

The app looks like to that :



You should be able to find it on the main menu. If you don’t find it there, select the + on the main menu, and you will find it there.