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-Alibox / Android and all android devices

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Amazon FireTv / Fire Stick

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Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder

1- Open the “ My TV ” application
2- change the url for the next one, in the application settings
3- Note the mac address listed below the box which begins with AA: 88: 99. And send it to us. You will receive a confirmation message once your system is activated.

smart TV

1- Install the app ” IPTV SMARTERS ”
2- Open the app
Write down the following name : Alibox
Url :
3- Write down the username and password we will share with you


Please write to us and we can send you the instructions.

PC - Laptop - Windows

1- Open your web browser and download ”IPTV Smarters Pro ” from google. Search for  ”iptv smarters for pc”
2- find a link, download and install the software for your pc
3-Write down the following name : Alibox
Url :
4- Write down the username and password we will share with you

Apple devices : Apple Tv, Iphone, Ipad ...

There is 2 solutions  (look at the bottom for the other one):


1- From your Apple Device, search the app : IPTVX

2-Click on add new user
3- give a name to your playlist name : service
Then click on generate URL user & pass
4-  Contact us :
and we will email you the Domain url , username and password. Then you click on generate link. Make sure you subscribed first to our service

You will have access to your TV service.
** If you want a better view of your TV serviec, go to setings, Tv live section , and choose Vertical + Full EPG



Second solution:

Install the app: GSE IPTV

It will ask you for a m3u link. We will forward it to you