Channels List-2018 | AliboxTV

We have two Tv services:

Click here for the AliTv service PLUS

Clich here for the AliTv service 



What is the difference?
The AliTv service PLUS is more complete then the AliTV service. The AliTv service PLUS is the best online Tv service in the WORLD.
Functions exclusive to the AliTV service PLUS:
– All Tv channels are in Full HD 1080p, or in 4K
– Rewind functionality : You can go back up to 24 hours
– 2900 Tv channels available . Every week, we add new tv channels
– Movies and Tv series on demand, available from the same Tv application.  You do not need to switch to another application if you want to watch a movies or a tv serie on-demand. Available in English, French and Spanish
Altough, the standard Alitv service remains a good service. We just want to offer the best to our customers !