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Boitier Alibox — Un boitier parfait pour votre Tv en ligne ! Regardez notre video démonstration  :

Alibox —— The perfect box for your online Tv !- Watch our video demo :


Demo – Alibox from AliBoxTv Official on Vimeo.

1-Visit our order page, add the Alibox to your cart (look for eligible promotions ), check-out , and approve your order.
2-One to three days later, you will receive your Alibox. You connect the Alibox to your Tv and to your Ethernet ( wifi or ethernet cable )
3-You write to contact@aliboxtv.com with your box number. We instantly activate you,and you have access to the thousands of tv channels, movies and tv series !
4- Make savings on your tv bills and enjoy !



1. How long does it take to receive my Alibox?

Usually, it takes  2 to 3 working days . From the moment you

ordered,  you will receive a tracking number once your Alibox

is mailed .




2. Once I bought the Alibox, do I have to pay a subscription?

You will have the choice of paying a subscription for your Alibox.

Every Alibox offers movies and tv series, on demand, for free, in French and English,

with subtitles availables in most languages.

You will need to subscribe if you want live tv channels. The tv service is stable,

live tv channels do not disappear and they always work , just like all other cable

providers. The tv service is paid monthly. The price is $15.89 of $19.99 is you choose the Alitv PLUS .

Thousands of channels are available. The channel list is available below.





3. What is the image quality?

 Movies and tv series are available in HD and Full HD. With the AliTv, most of the live tv channels are HD and SD.

With the AliTv PLUS, all live Tv channels are in Full HD 1080P , or in 4K.



4. Is there a guarantee?

Yes,  we have a 12 months guarantee .





5. If I need help, is there a customer service?

Yes, you can chat with us directly through our website,

or email us at contact@aliboxtv.com




 6. I received my Alibox. What do I need to do now?

You only have to plug it to your tv, and it is ready to work.

Instructions will be provided to you .