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1. How long does it take to receive my Alibox?

Usually, it takes 2-3 business days. Once your Alibox has been sent, you can ask for the tracking number.

2. I received my Alibox. What must I do now?

You plug it into your TV and it’s ready to play.

If you want the AliTv service, you will have to make the payment by accessing “Our products”, unless you have already done so.

3. How many TVs can I connect to an Alibox? Does it have wifi?

You can connect a TV by Alibox.

Yes, it has wifi. It also works with an Ethernet cable.

4. Once I have purchased the Alibox, do I have to pay a subscription?

You will only have to pay a monthly subscription if you want live TV channels.

Access to movies and TV shows is FREE. Please refer to our ” AliTV ” page.

5. Can I schedule a recording?

Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder:

You can program only one recording at a time. Your presence is not required during registration. You can listen to another program while the recording is done.
Apart from the function of recording, the recorder box is much more powerful and adequate than the Alibox.
His Wifi card is much more powerful than the Alibox.



Alibox does not offer this option. Although you have access to a free on-demand menu for all movies and TV series. He is always up to date with new episodes and movies. When you choose ALITV PLUS, you can rewind your TV channels for up to 72 hours.

6. What Internet speed should I use? Does the Alibox use a lot of Internet data?

We recommend at least 5 mbs for the standard service, and 10 mbps for the PLUS.

Both of the Alibox are designed to use a small amount of Internet data. For 3 hours per day of television, 90 hours per month, 70 GB of Internet will be used.

7. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we have a guarantee on all items. It goes from 1 year until 3 years.

8. What should I do if I need help?

You can chat with us directly through our website or by email at contact@aliboxtv.com.

Most of the time, we have a large number of requests. So, take the time to read carefully our FAQ, support, and AliTv service pages.

9. Where are you located? How long have you been in business?

We are a global company. Our warehouses and customer service are located in 4 locations:

  • Joliet, Illinois, United States
  • Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Desmaraisville, Quebec, Canada
  • Liverpool United Kingdom.

We have been in business for over 10 years.


10. I'm going on vacation and I want to bring my Alibox. Will it work?

Yes, it will work. Wherever you connect the Alibox to an Ethernet connection, it will work. A Wifi connection, data from your mobile phone or any other type of Ethernet source will work.

11. I do not have a credit card. Can I pay with Bank transfer / Interac transfers ?

Yes you can . When you order on our website, you can choose the payment method at the end. Select the payment method and follow the instructions you will receive.


1- Once the alibox purchased, do I have to pay a subscription?

** You have the choice to pay a subscription for your Alibox. The alibox offers free on-demand movies and TV shows, in both French and English, with subtitles available in most languages.

You will need to have a subscription if you want live TV channels. The TV service is stable, the channels do not disappear, and they are always available, just like all other cable providers. The price is $CAD 15.89 per month or $CAD 19.99 if you take the service Alitv +. There is no contract, no obligation, you can cancel it whenever you want.

2- What is the channels list ?

This is a new service, we are putting the channel list and it will be available very soon

3- What is the image quality? Do I need a smart tv?

** Movies and TV shows are available in HD and FULLHD.

With AliTv: there are some TV channels in hd or full hd. Most live TV channels are standard quality.

With AliTv plus: all live TV channels are in HD and full HD 1080p. You will have a selection of 4k channels.

You do not need a smart TV.

4- Can I access the TV guide?

** Yes you can. The majority of Quebec channels, English channels and sports channels have a TV guide. We work hard to provide a tv guide for all channels.

5- What are the payment methods?

** We accept all credit cards on our website. We also accept bank transfers.

For the TV service, the first payment is through our website. Thereafter, you receive on your email an invoice to pay.

To pay with interac transfers, you must send the transfer to avotvco@gmail.com. The answer of the transfer must be: avotvco. Once the transfer is done, please send us an email to contact@aliboxtv.com. On the subject of the email, enter your name, the amount you paid and the product you want to order.

6- I have a TV box. Can I subscribe to your TV service?

Yes you can. Please write us, with your box model, and we will guide you through it.

7- When I pay for a month of TV, can I link it to more than one device? If no, how can I get a subscription for more than one device?

** No . When you pay for a month of Alitv, it’s for one device.

The first device is always the full price. For any device added, the price is $CAD 9.89 per month for the alitv and $CAD 11.99 for the alitv plus.

If you want to add a device, you must pay the total price for each device, which is $ 15.89 (for the first month). Thereafter, we will adjust your bill and the price will drop to $ 9.89 or $ 11.99 per additional device.


First month: 15.89 + 15.89 = $ 31.78

2nd month – CALCULATION: $ 15.89 + $ 9.89 = $ 25.78 and the price stays the same for the next months


First month: 19.99 + 19.99 + 19.99 + 19.99 = $ 79.96

2nd month: 19.99 + 11.99 + 11.99 + 11.99 = 55.96 $ and the price stays the same for the next months


Promotions are not combinable. The devices must be in the same home. The limit is 3 devices per home.

8. Can I pay 12 months for the tv service?

** Yes you can.

– Buy 6 months: Get 1 free. Total: 7 months

– Buy 12 months: get 3 free. Total: 15 months

Promotions are not combinable.