FAQs | AliboxTV


1. How long does it take to receive my Alibox?

Usually, it takes  2 days . From the moment you ordered, you will receive a tracking number once your Alibox is mailed.



2. I received my Alibox. What do I need to do now?

You plug it to your tv, and it is ready to work.

If you chose the AliTv service, you will need to make the payment by going to “Our Products”.



3. How many tv can I plug to one Alibox? Does it have wifi?

You can plug one TV per Alibox.

 Yes it has wifi. It works as well with an Ethernet cable.



4. Once I bought the Alibox, do I have to pay a subscription? 

You will have to pay a monthly subscription only if you want Live TV channels.

The access to movies and TV shows is FREE. Please refer to our page for the TV Service.




5. Can I program a recording?

The Alibox does not offer that option. Although, you have access to a free on demand menu for all movies and TV shows. It is always up to date with new episodes and movies. When you choose the ALITV PLUS, you can rewind your tv channels up to 24 hours.


6. What internet speed should I use? Does the alibox use a lot of internet data ?

We recommend at least 8 mbs. The Alibox is designed to use a small amount of internet datas. For one Alibox, 3 hours a day of TV , which means 90 hours a months, 70 Gb of internet will be used.



7. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we have a 12 months guarantee . Please visit our Guarantee & returns policy page for more details.



8. What do I do if I need help?

You can chat with us directly through our website, or email us at contact@aliboxtv.com .

Most of the time , we have a high volume of requests. So, please take the time to carefully read our FAQs page .



9. Where are you located ? How long you have been in business ?

We are a worldwide company. Our warehouses and customer service are located in 3 places: Joliet, Illinois, USA// Brampton, Ontario, Canada// Liverpool Uk. We have been in business for more than 10 years.



10. I am going in vacations, and I want to bring my Alibox . Will it work ?

Yes, it will work. Wherever you plug the Alibox to an ethernet connection, it will work. Wifi connection, your telephone mobile data or any other kind of ethernet source will work .



11.  I don’t have a credit card . Can I pay with interac transfers ( Canada only)?

Yes, you can . You will need to send the transfer to contact@aliboxtv.com . The transfer answer must be : alibox .

Once the transfer is done, please email us at contact@aliboxtv.com . On the email topic, put your name , the amount you paid, and the product you wish to order. If you have to add a delivery address or a mac address, please add it in the email .

If you have more questions, please write to contact@aliboxtv.com .