How to use Everstream and Everstream movies | AliboxTV

Note: These 2 applications are only for movies and tv series in French

Everstream is for tv series, Everstream movies is for movies

Step 1 : Open Everstream or Everstream movies

Step 2 : Create an account ( you can put any random email, and random password of course, remember your both of them, because you can connect with the same account in both of the Everstream apps )


An upgrade will be asked to you. You are not obligated to do it. Your series will still work without it


Select a movie or tv serie , you can search it by going to the top right corner




For the Everstream app ( tv series ) , you will see this screen once you choose a serie

You will have to select your season, episode, click on ” prioritise the quality ” and then press play :





For the everstream movies, select a movie




Then press on ” select the link ” , and press play



Select your link, and wait for the movie