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This page is for customers who ordered an box through Amazon or Ebay, in Europe. Below, you will find the steps to follow when you receive your box . As well, you will find useful advises.


Step 1 : click here to see how to connect the wires


Step 2 : click here to see how to connect to internet


Step 3 : adjust the screen position (optional ) :


Step 4 : use your box to watch tv channels, movies and tv series



Movies and tv series:

There is many installed applications that allows you to do that

For most of the applications, we recommend you to use your wireless keyboard. If you did not order it, you can use your remote and use the mouse mode by clicking on that button :


Movies and tv shows in English ( subtitles available in French, English, Spanish, etc ): Pop corn time, Terrarium Tv or Showbox


Click here to see how to use Popcorn time

Click here to see how to use Terrarium Tv

Click here to see how to use Showbox



Tv channels :  There is many installed applications that allows you to do that

Click here to see how to use Mobdro

Click here to see how to use Uktvnow

Click here to see how to use Filmon Live Tv





For a better experience, we strongly recommend you to get a wireless keyboard.

Qwerty keyboard: Useful for typing texts to search for a movie or TV series


Touch pad : Allows you to navigate your Alibox directly with the mouse, much like the mouse of a laptop







IF you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the  live tv channels provided by mobdro, uktvnow and filmon, there is the AliTv service

The Alitv service is stable, live tv channels do not disappear and they always work , just like all other cable. providers IT has thousands of live tv channels , including the premium ones from UK, USA, EUROPE etc.

The tv service is paid monthly. The price is 9.99 £ a month . The service becomes free when you refer 4 new customers who subscribes to the AliTv service, and remains free as long as they pay the AliTv service.


Click here to see the channel list : 

Please note that there is even more channels than that on the AliTv service. We are only updating the channels list on our website.

To install the Alitv service, it takes 5 to 10  minutes.
Click here to install it on your box  

You must follow the instructions for the ” Android Tv Box ” , at the top completely of the page. Please note that the default currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD$ ) . It represents 9.99 £ a month, or less.

When following the instructions, the payment option will be displayed to you.


For your monthly renewal, you can set up a direct debit here :


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us !