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How does it works?

We have affiliations with several internet providers, and we find you the best value for money!

(For USA and Europe, please contact us directly, the offers are great)
USA: prices from $US 24.99

Prices in Canada (subject to service availability in your region. 99% of the territory covered)


Our internet promotions

1-The ”STRIVE FOR 5” promotion

Refer 5 clients, and you get your internet service for free. Your internet service remains free for as long as they are subscribed!


2-Three months free of AliTV service!

Once you have become a customer with us, come and ask us for your 3 months of TV service! A value of $ 59.97 + free tx offered!

Do not wait any longer. Contact us at to get your quote, or simply fill out the form below!

UFC 257 Mcgregor VS. Poirier available . Available in the PPV section // Fran├žais: Disponible dans la section PPV