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This page is for customers who want to pay their AliTv / AliTv PLUS subscription, or who wants to pay the  service for 6 or 12 months.
Please, do an order through our product page, just like you are a new customer. With your email address, we will be able to recognize your account.

Have you thought about switching to the AliTV PLUS ?


The AliTv service PLUS is more complete then the AliTV service. The AliTv service PLUS is the best online Tv service in the WORLD.
Functions exclusive to the AliTV service PLUS:
– All Tv channels are in Full HD 1080p, or in 4K
– Rewind functionality : You can go back up to 72 hours
– 2900 Tv channels available . Every week, we add new tv channels
– Movies and Tv series on demand, available from the same Tv application.  You do not need to switch to another application if you want to watch a movies or a tv serie on-demand. Available in English, French and Spanish
If you want to see what the AliTv plus looks like, please visit our FAQs-AliTv service page.
To order, just visit our products pages.
We recommend you to take the 6 or 12 months options, as you will save as much money as possible.
– Buy 6 Months : Get 1 for free. Total : 7 Months
– Buy 12 Months: Get 3 for free. Total : 15 Months ( Can not be shared. Only for 1 device)
You own an Alibox, or android box, and you want to switch to AliTv PLUS. Click here :

You own a MAG, Roku, or any other device? Click here :