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Get the new Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder!



  • Alibox Ultra 4K HD- Recorder : For pre-order only. Reception: 10 days or less

  • Alibox and wireless keyboard: In stock. Immediate dispatch. Delivery : 1-4 days (Canada and USA). Europe: 7 days.

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Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder

299.99C$ 194.99C$

14 items sold today

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Wireless Keyboard

34.99C$ 22.99C$

8 items sold today

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Alibox + Wireless Keyboard

179.99C$ 125.99C$

23 items sold today

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Do not forget your AliTv service if you want to access the 2900+ live TV channels.

On demand movies and TV shows are available for free.


AliTv PLUS- 1 month


Previous Price : 20.99

20.99C$ 19.99C$

45 items sold today
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AliTv PLUS - 6 months


Previous Price : 146.93

146.93C$ 125.94C$

12 items sold today
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AliTv PLUS - 12 months


Previous Price : 314.85

314.85C$ 251.88C$

11 items sold today
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