Reset your Alibox and install the applications | AliboxTV

The process you will follow usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 1 : reboot your Alibox

go to alibox settings and do a factory data reset, then follow the steps when restarting the Alibox



Step 2 : download the applications, put them on a USB key, and plug it to the Alibox

-download STBEmu, and the other applications for movies and tv shows. Use your computer , click on these links, and download the applications in APK formats :

STBEmu : 

Popcorn time, showbox, everstream movies and everstream series :


– put the 2 apk files on a USB key / SD card


– connect the USB Key/ SD card in the Alibox






Step 3 : Install the applications on the Alibox:

-open APK install (App install) on your Alibox, or a similar application. It has an icon of a little ” Android ”


– you will have the option to scan the applications on your USB key


– find STB Emu (pro) and install it, and do the same with Aptoide.


-stb pro and Aptoide should be in the application now, and by clicking on the small + of the home screen, bottom right, you will find them and you tick it so that they will appear in the main screen.


-Open Aptoide: search for these 4 applications: Popcorn Time, Showbox, Everstream Series and Everstream movies. And install them .



Step 4 : Configure StbEmu

– Launch STB


– You have to take the slider on your remote, and then go to the top left of the screen and click on it. (to activate the cursor, click on the ” Mouse ” button on your remote control, located at the bottom right of the arrows)


-You click on the button at the top left (3 small horizontal lines)


1 – Click on ” Change profile Data ”, then ” Portal Settings ”, then ” Portal URL ” and you put the following address: instead of the one that you see. Make sure you put the portal at the top, not down, in the internal portal. ” Portal is internal ” should not be checked.

2- You come back once and you click on ” STB Configuration ” . You must take down your MAC ADDRESS number and send it to us. Your mac address starts with: 00: 1A: 79 and should look like this: 00: 1A: 79: XX: XX: XX with letters and numbers instead of X’s. Send it us to

Wait until we reactivate your mac address. It can take 24 to 48 hours from the moment you pay. Then, start your box until the ”login ” message disappears. This will mean that we have received the payment and activated your service. Thanks for waiting.