Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder New generation of boxes (square box, orders from February 1st 2021)


Make sure you sent an activation email first!
1-Write us an email to :
In the Subject : Activation
In the email : Your order number, your email,what TV service you want ( english or french adapted) and the ID number (on the sticker below the Alibox begins with 00 1A 79 )

2- Take the time to listen entirely both of the videos for instructions, explanations, how to record, etc:
If necessary, change the quality of the video to HD and full screen.

First Video 

2nd Video

Alibox Ultra 4K HD – Recorder (rectangular box, regular orders before February 1st 2021)

1- Connect all your wires : Power Supply to the socket, HDMI to your TV

2- Please send us the mac address written on the sticker below the box that begins with AA:88:99

3- Wait for your login and password.

4- Then follow this video:




To use the recording features, you can follow the video below:




If you contacted us in the last 48 hours

and did not receive an answer,

please write us back, our emails were updating.